Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Sets (0.5oz 15ml )
Radiant Concentrated Watercolors (0.5oz 15ml  Singles)
Radiant Concentrated Display 1/2 oz.  15ml bottles (336 bottles total)
Radiant Concentrated Watercolors (32oz 946ml Singles) custom size Non-refundable no returns
Radiant Concentrated Watercolors (8oz 236ml  Singles) custom size Non-refundable no returns

Radiant Concentrated

  • Brilliant Concentrated Watercolor Dye
  • For Brush, Pen, or Airbrush
  • For work intended to be reproduced
  • Cartooning, Manga, Anime, Illustration, Graphic Arts
  • 56 Brilliant Concentrated colors
  • Conforms to ASTM d-4236 AP approved NON-TOXIC
  • Use on Paper, Illustration board, silk with additives
Not lightfast, not waterproof, For work intended to be reproduced. The colors will fade from sunlight or fluorescent light (ultra-violet). Will not fade in a portfolio, or under incandescent light. protect from fading with ultra-violet absorbing glass, plexiglass or UVA acetate.
Make permanent on fabric (textile) silk, cotton, batik, 
tie dye when used with additives as follows: salt and vinegar, alum, or soda ash (calcium carbonate). Make a test piece first to 
make sure of the washfastness of the dye on fabric.
We have been told by many artists that mixing Radiant with heavy body acrylic makes it waterproof and lightfast. We recommend your own testing for this results. 
Epoxy, polyurethane, clear UVA acetate (for framing), Ultra-violet absorbing glass (for framing) can also be used for reducing fading .

For lightfast archival watercolor use Dr. Martins Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Pigment Watercolors