Shipping Delays & Charges

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On March 20, 2020 we were asked to comply with the California State order to “shelter in place” and have done so. This means we will not be able to ship most recently placed orders immediately. We anticipated this in our March 17th post, but we did not think it would come so soon. At this time it is unknown as to when we will be able to resume normal shipping operations.

However,  if you recently placed an order you may have noticed that your credit card or purchase method was already charged. You might be asking, “What’s going on here?” I want to give you some insight into why that is, and what you can do if you are unhappy with this.

We are usually able to fulfill orders quickly, so our system (Shopify) is set to process orders automatically. We did not anticipate having to shutdown so unexpectedly, so we didn’t have a chance to make a change. Moreover, it is only possible to extend the time period between a credit card authorization (what often shows as “pending” in your credit card activity) and a charge to seven days. After that, we are required to release the authorization and the order will need to be canceled and recreated. This window is not something we have control over, and is in fact the same for many online stores. We are not the only store that will encounter this issue, so please be patient if you encounter this with other vendors in the near future. We have reached out directly to the management team at Shopify to see if it is possible to temporarily change this window to 30 days for any future orders for both our store and the 500,000 other stores powered by Shopify.

In the meantime, if you would like to cancel your order for any reason, simply contact us at with your order number and we will cancel the order and refund your money immediately. No questions asked, no justification needed. This isn't just true today, this is true anytime you purchase from us.

There is a little bit of good news: We do have some limited inventory scattered throughout 3rd party fulfillment centers across the United States, some of which are still shipping. If you are a working artist or online educator whose income stream may be further disrupted without our products, please contact us at and we will see if the items you ordered are available and we can fulfill your order. We are asking that only those who absolutely require our products immediately email us about this, as inventory is limited.

For all other orders placed during this window when shipping is delayed we will be adding extra samples of some of our most popular items to each order. If there is a bottle of something specific you've been itching to try, just respond to your confirmation email and we will get that added to your order when it ships.

Thank you again for choosing Dr. Ph. Martin's.

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To Our Other Customers

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For 86 years we've sold Dr. Ph. Martin's products both directly to artists and to arts and crafts stores in virtually every country in the world.

We know that retail is being disproportionately impacted by the current situation, and not just in the US, but globally. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our partnerships with retail stores and arts and crafts shops around the globe who carry Dr. Ph. Martin's products. 

From today through April 5, 2020, we are adding an additional 25% discount to all wholesale purchase orders placed through our wholesale portal ( 

This discount will be applied after the PO is created. For some customers, you may notice that it asks for payment information immediately. If this happens, please contact us at and we will fix it. There is a flag that needs to be adjusted on a per-account basis which will allow the PO to be staged so we can apply the discount manually before you are asked for payment information. If this flag is already set there is no further action required by you.

All domestic shipping costs will be waived. For international customers we will work with you on an individual basis to absorb as much of the shipping costs as possible. 

We are also happy to work with individual customers on specific promotions during this period, which may include: drop shipping, free samples, deeper discounts on specific items, or other logistics support. 

If you are reading this and don't currently carry Dr. Ph. Martin's products well… there's never been a better time to create a wholesale account with us. You can create an account with us online here: We will even throw in one of our new retail displays WITH assortment for FREE for qualifying orders. Contact for more information about this offer.

Thank you for choosing Dr. Ph. Martin's.

Be safe. Be well.



Aaron Salis
COO / Director of Operations

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To Our Customers, Fans & Artists Alike

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UPDATE: As of March 20, 2020 we are no longer able to ship items due to the "Shelter in Place" order in effect throughout the State of California. Your items will be shipped as soon as that order is lifted and we can resume operations. We will continue to accept orders, but please be aware that the time between when you place your order and when it will ship is unknown at this time.


UPDATE 2: If you have already placed an order or intend to place one in the future, please read our latest post about shipping delays and charges first:

We’ve been silent for a bit while working on a few different projects, and while those projects aren’t quite ready to launch I wanted to break our social media hiatus with an update.

In these trying times art materials are not exactly an essential good. But if you are reading this it means you’re a fan of Dr. Ph. Martin’s products. Whether you are a full time artist, illustrator, or creative—someone brand new to watercolor or someone whose been using our products since you first picked them up in art school 50 years ago—here you are. Our reputation speaks for itself, and that’s thanks to you. Thank you for your support over the years.

Many people don’t know this, but Dr. Ph. Martin’s products are handmade in the United States by a small team of just ten people. It has always been this way. We are a third generation family business that has always made our products with a small, local team. Throughout this crisis it is our intention to keep every single employee without reducing pay or benefits. For 86 years we’ve tried to make the best liquid color products we know how—in the best way we know how—and we aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Much of retail has shut down both domestically and internationally. Today Amazon suspended purchasing of all non-essential items in the US and Europe, which includes our products. Our products will continue to be available on Amazon until inventory is depleted. It’s unknown how long disruptions will last after that. A lot of people are stuck at home now—more in the days to come—and some without pay. We want to make some changes that we think will help both our customers and our employees.

From now until April 5, 2020, all Dr. Ph. Martin’s products are 50% off when purchased direct from us on*

There’s no coupon code to use, no special link to click, and nothing special you need to do. We’ve just gone ahead and adjusted all the prices on the store itself. If you’ve been a long time customer then you know this is quite the deal, so please feel free to stock up on the products you love, or maybe try a product line that's new to you. We are asking you to help us spread joy by encouraging other artists and creatives to see the difference our color products can make in their work, or by encouraging friends and family to pick up a brush for the first time. This pricing is available to everyone, globally, immediately. Shipping is also now free for all orders over $10 within the United States. And about that shipping…

While we normally try to process and ship orders as quickly as possible, we are going to do something a little different for a while. All domestic orders will be shipped via UPS Ground or USPS, and orders placed during the week may not ship until Friday afternoon. This allows us to stagger staff and run a small business with an even smaller crew on site at any given time, minimizing everyone’s contact with each other. The time delay also minimizes any risk associated contamination of the parcel itself. In the event we are required to close, your order will be fulfilled as soon as we are able to open again and can ship it. All orders ship from our production facility in Oceanside, California.

If you’ve stumbled onto this post and you don’t know how to paint, there’s never been a better time to learn. :) Millions of artists throughout the years and around the world use Dr. Ph. Martin's liquid color products for watercoloring, illustration, airbrushing, mixed media and just about anything else you can think of. If you’re looking for tutorials or inspiration check out #drphmartins on Instagram or search “dr ph martins” on YouTube. If you have any questions about our products or how to use them, just drop us a note at

Thank you again for continuing to support Dr. Ph. Martin’s.

Be safe. Be well.



Aaron Salis
The Third Doctor
of Dr. Ph. Martin’s


P.S. If you are an artist or creative who enjoys teaching others, please contact me directly at We are looking to commission hundreds of paid tutorials from artists around the world this year.

*Excludes bulk color, such as our 8.0 oz bottles. All additional discount codes are suspended for this period.

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日本のDr. Ph. Martin’sの取り扱い

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すでにお聞き及びかもしれませんが、日本の多くの店舗にてDr. Ph. Martin’sブランド製品が品切れとなっております。主要販売代理店との間で行き違いが発生したためです。

どうぞご理解ください。Dr. Ph. Martin’sは日本市場から撤退することはございません。現在当社製品を購入する最もよい方法は、をご利用いただくことです。公式セラーアカウント「Dr. Ph. Martin’s (JP)」をお探しください。ではお客様のお気に入りの製品はもちろん、まだご存知ではないかもしれない新製品もすべてご購入いただけます。品物はすべて日本に在庫しておりますので、すぐにお受け取りいただけます。260品以上の製品をご用意しています。

当社製品をご愛用いただいている他のアーティストにも、これが現在ご購入いただく最もよい方法であることをお知らせください。今年の後半に、日本全国の小売店での販売を再開します。ご質問やご意見がございましたら、ツイッターで @drphmartins_jp アカウント宛にご連絡いただくのが最もよい方法です。

Dr. Ph. Martin’s製品はカリフォルニア州オーシャンサイドにて、手作りで小ロット生産されています。当社製品の高い品質はお客様のご愛顧があるからこそご提供できるものであり、日本のアーティストの皆様のお力になれることに感謝申し上げる次第です。


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The Doctor never looked so good

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You might have noticed something different. Maybe.

We have a new website. Our new store is more secure, better organized, and features high-resolution photos of all our products including color swatches. It's easier to search and find exactly the product you're looking for. We've also made it easier for you to contact us. Our new shopping cart supports both PayPal, Checkout with Amazon, and standard credit card processing.

If you previously had an webstore account with us you'll need to create a new one. Unfortunately we are unable to migrate accounts. If you need to access the old store to retrieve your shopping history you can find that at The old store will remain online until July 31, 2016.

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