Note Card Painting Box by Janet Nunn
Note Card Painting Box by Janet Nunn
$ 55.00

Note Card Painting Box by Janet Nunn

Painting Note Cards an easy and enjoyable way to paint with the Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Watercolors. You can paint in a small area, then have a painting ready to keep or share.

The supplies are unique and produce some great cards. First, the Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Watercolors, the 1/2 ounce set has 12 colors and the lid you can use as a palette. Second, you have the Watercolor Note Cards, and a sleeve to store them in when you are finished painting the cards. The plastic needle point screen is a splatter screen. Just dip the screen in the paint and flick with a finger or brush and you have great droplets of color. The sting is another tool. Dip it in water then slide it in the paint and slide on the paper for some great landscapes. The Carmel Apple Stick is perfect for applying Dr. Ph Martin’s Black Star India ink. You will be able to draw, outline and paint with the stick and the India Ink. A Fine Point Sharpie is used to finish and edge the note cards. Then there is a how to on painting the note cards. You are on your way to painting Note Cards with this kit. Happy Painting!

This kit includes: 

  • 1 set of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor, 0.5 oz, Set 1
  • 1 bottle of Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star Hi-Carb India Ink
  • 10 watercolor note cards
  • 10 clear sleeves
  • 10 envelopes
  • 1 fine point Sharpie
  • 1 splatter screen
  • 1 piece of cotton string
  • 1 carmel apple skewer 

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